Memoria Press

The Memoria Press Classical Christian curriculum seeks to train students in the liberal arts through a familiarity with the great books and the great thinkers of Western tradition.

Please view our comprehensive document that features the programme we follow through the ages. We call this our Scope and Sequence. Please note the document mentions ‘Kindergarten’ which is the equivalent of Reception in the UK (ages 4-5).

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Classical Conversations

Parents and tutors use the Foundations Curriculum, which outlines a comprehensive core of grammar for history, science, English, Latin, geography, and math. The Foundations Curriculum clearly leads parents through a classical education at home, week by week.

In addition to the memory work, students also participate weekly in public speaking, science projects or experiments, and either an art or music activity, building a firm foundation for a rich education.

View Scope & Sequence Here.

St. Alban’s curriculum offers a solid academic foundation in its program of study. Using the time-honoured “trivium,” (three-fold way) and its three stages of learning as a guide, curriculum materials are carefully chosen to ensure that students in the Grammar stage (Year R- Year 5) acquire the necessary phonetic, reading, arithmetic, and writing skills in traditional core subjects.

Coursework mastered in the Grammar stage is built upon in subsequent study in the Logic and Rhetoric stages (Years 6-7). In the Logic stage, emphasis is given to developing critical reading and thinking skills through the use of original sources.

(The Rhetoric stage focuses upon the cultivation of effective and persuasive communication skills in original research, reports, and presentations.)