Welcome to St Alban's Classical Academy!
A Classical Christian Academy to be launched in early 2024, meeting Monday to Friday in the Southampton area, Hampshire, and offering in-person classes from Year 1 (Age 5) to Year 6 (Age 11) with a rigorous classical curriculum. We will be in All Saints' Hall, Eastleigh Parish, SO5 5NH

“…where the instruction which enlightens the understanding is not separated from the moral education which amends the heart.” ~Alexis de Tocqueville


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+44 (0)7859393528
All Saints’ Hall, Eastleigh Parish Church

Desborough Rd, Eastleigh SO50 5NH

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“God, that all-powerful Creator of nature and architect of the world, has impressed man with no character so proper to distinguish him from other animals, as by the faculty of speech.”

~ Quintilian