Our Philosophy

St Alban’s Classical Academy is a Classical Christian school that meets Monday to Fridays in Hampshire for families with children from Year 1 (Age 5) to Year 6 (Age 11). It offers a complete curriculum from Memoria Press and Core Knowledge UK in order to provide an academically excellent education that is distinctively classical and Christian. In addition, St Alban’s offers conversational Latin, choral singing, martial arts, and ballet training so that the children may participate in elevated, character-forming experiences.

As a ‘Classical’ Academy, we believe the chief aim of education is to train the mind, body, and soul to love the beautiful, and thus to emulate it. This is accomplished through a Languages-focused, Great Books curriculum within the framework of the medieval pedagogy of the ‘trivium”: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Classical education also means physical training, and this we do not neglect.

At St. Alban’s, we enrich our students with the prayers, sung psalms, and great hymns of historic Anglican Christianity. The Christian ethos at St Alban’s pervades all subject matters, from the power of orderly language as originated in the creation of the world, to the lawfulness of God’s character underpinning the very possibility and viability of Science, we teach that God is the foundation of all truths, without which all knowledge is but a cheap impersonation. We are spiritually and financially supported by Victory Chapel. Learn more about our church covering at victorychapel.uk.

The base curriculum at St Alban’s is formed from Memoira Press currriculum with supplemental content derived from Core Knowledge UK and other classical sources. A normal school day morning revolves around the Memoria Press recitation, classical memory work, and hands-on activities, and then the afternoon session is spent practicing conversational Latin, choral singing, ballet, and martial arts.

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